Relations between Flanders, Poland and Baltic States

Current relations are by and large based on framework agreements signed between the Flemish Government and the Governments of Poland (1994) and of the 3 Baltic Republics (1996). These agreements are implemented through tri-annual working programs in which concrete priorities for the cooperation in the coming years are defined. The current working program with the Republic of Poland was signed in September 2021. For more information use this link.

History of the relations

The historical relations between Flanders at the one hand and Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania at the other hand, date back way into time.  Intensive maritime and trade contacts between Flemish, Polish and Baltic Hanseatic towns resulted, already in the Middle Ages, in dynamic exchanges. A beautiful example of that interaction is Memling’s triptych ‘The Last Judgment’, currently located in the National Museum in Gdańsk.